FMC North America West 2019
Multiple Cities
Multiple Countries (North America)
3x3x3 Fewest Moves
First Round
Second Round
Andrew Nathenson
Ben Streeter
Benjamin Gottschalk
Brandon Harnish
Carson Claud
Carter Audet Marrero
Daniel Raber
Devin Corr-Robinett
Diego Trujeque
Dylan Wang
Edward Chang
Elijah Brown
Isaac Langer
Isaac Nuon
Jaden Burkhardt
Jason White
Jerome Lam
Jonny Katz
Joshua Feran
Kenny Zhong
Kevin Matthews
Kit Clement
Kyeongmin Choi
Kyle Van Straaten
Lauren Clement
Liew Yee Voon
Lucas Garron
Mark Boyanowski
Maxim Zhulin
Michael Young
Reagan Li
Ryan Jew
Sagiv Fadida
Shelley Chang
Theo Daniel Gallegos Cuevas
Vianne Chang
Will Hamilton

Maxim Zhulin   ·   United States   ·   see his WCA's official results

#event / roundt1t2t3meanbest
3312727 PB 28.33 PB 27

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